Is your busy schedule dominates your time to meditate? Or you have no idea about the best time to meditate? Well, you need to take time to do meditation so that you can keep your physical, mental, and emotionally healthy.

In fact, when you practice meditation on a regular basis, you will be able to reduce your stress, enhance your concentration, improve your concentration, and more health benefits. In order for you to have the best way your meditation habit, considering Zen app is a great advantage.

Reward yourself with the help of Zen. You will be provided with amazing choices of weekly meditation guides, relaxing sounds, music for deep sleep and positive energy.

So, when is the best time to meditate?


Many expert psychologists believe the best contribution you can make to your entire day is early in the morning. Making meditation part of your everyday morning ritual you’ll be giving your day the best start it can possibly have.

Make it a routine that before doing anything else in the morning, meditating is your way of setting the mood throughout the day. It is recommended to meditate before eating your breakfast. If you are a beginner, you can start by focusing on slow and deep breathing for at least five minutes.


Did you know that having a midday meditation provides various benefits?

Having a meditation break during your lunch hour helps you disconnect yourself from the stress caused by long meeting, complicated exams, difficult conversation or other stressful events. It helps you boost your focus, productivity, and creativity and relax your tight muscles after long hours of sitting. Also, it builds your character to be open-minded and accepts others.

Balance at Work is a quick 10 minute guided meditation available on Zen. It’s a perfect meditation to recharge your energies and release the work-related stress.


Balance at work meditation


After long hours of working, you feel exhausted and stressed. To solve this, practicing meditation at the end of your workday is ideal to create a boundary between your work and rest time. This helps you also to keep yourself away from work thoughts that could ruin your moment of rest in the evening.


Meditation can be done at bedtime to help fight fatigue and insônia. Some people enjoy to listen to guided meditations to fall asleep, while others prefer to meditate an hour before you sleeping to start calming the mind beforehand. If you enjoy falling asleep while listening to guided meditations or meditation music, Zen is the perfect app for you.


With Zen you’re able to meditate at any time, anywhere.

On Apple and Google’s list of ‘Best apps of 2016’, Zen offers a diverse and ever-growing amount of content and features, such as: Weekly Guided Meditations, Audios and Videos for Relaxation and Meditation, Deep Sleep and Morning Music, Binaural Beats Therapy, ASMR for Mental Massage, 3D Audios for Relaxation, Mantras, Ho’oponopono, Inspirational Quotes, Relaxation content for Newborns and Kids and much more!

With Zen, regardless of the place, you are in, and time of the day, you can just practice meditating. If you feel that meditating could relieve the stress you are experiencing, simply play the relaxing sounds, read different mantras and find the perfect relaxation guide.

If you already choose the best time to meditate, then enjoy the fantastic benefits offered by Zen. Let of stress! Keep yourself relaxed anytime any time, anywhere.


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